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Faithfully (The Getaway Sequel) - Chapter 16

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Tabloid Troubles

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Faithfully (The Getaway Sequel) - Chapter 14

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An Inch from Blackout - (Tom x Reader x Loki Threesome)

Author’s Note: I submitted this story to Dirty Hiddles a long time ago, but thought I might submit it here as well.

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"Hiddle Me This" song list

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Faithfully (The Getaway Sequel) - Chapter 15

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Faithfully (The Getaway Sequel) - Chapter 13

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Faithfully - Chapter 12

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I’m sorry, please don’t think i’m complaining about the blog as a whole, I love the blog, seeing stories where people have been inspired to change their lives or do something for themselves are lovely. But posts involving harming someone, surely they aren’t necessary, I found the one posted yesterday pretty upsetting, I know people say things in jest but that one seemed too extreme. Do you have vetting rules for what goes out to followers of the blog? Thanks Natasha x

We don’t have any rules for that sort of thing. Basically, if something is submitted we post it. We will add trigger warnings to things like it though, so if you wish to tumblr savior it you won’t see it in the future. Also, that submission was a troll so Tom isn’t in any danger.

Thanks for your concern.