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 Anonymous asked:
Can ypu link all the chapters of faith multific? Thanks:)

All stories are tagged with their titles for easy finds! If you’re looking to read one from the beginning, add “/chrono” in the URL bar.

Faithfully (The Getaway Sequel) - Chapter 17

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Soulmate Part IV (Final)

Author’s Note: Finally, it’s done, Ha!

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Story Submission Recommendation

Author’s Note: For the Anon who wanted some Jewel-less Bill Hazeldine smut.


Story Submission Recommendation: (x)

Katherine and Sir

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Hate Game (Reader Insert)

Submitted Story Recommendation: (x) Trigger warning.

Faithfully (The Getaway Sequel) - Chapter 16

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Tabloid Troubles

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 Anonymous asked:
I need a sex one shot fic with sucking hiddles fingers. yes. you read it right.

Well, anon, you are in luck! I, Jasmine(one of the admins), wrote a fic about a month ago that fits the bill. You can find it HERE. Hope that’s what you’re looking for.