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This blog was created to vent all your dirty, your adorable, and your completely crazy confessions starring the one and only:
Mr. Tom Hiddleston

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 Anonymous asked:
hi, sorry to bug you guys, but i made a confession blog for something different, and i can't for the life of me find the font everybody seems to use for these things (the black outlined font that's white in the middle) and i was just hoping if someone would tell me what the name is or how to make it. thank you!!!

no bugging at all! we use arial bold (sometimes doing bold italic/oblique) with a stroke weight. hope that helps!

 Anonymous asked:
Just wondering, what program do you use to make the confessions?

i (charlotte) use photoshop cs6 personally. though all you need is a program with arial black font and stroke weight.

I (Heather) Also use Photoshop CS6. One CAN use Paintshop Pro by Corel, but it can be a bit trickier to get the stroke weight on properly.

 Anonymous asked:
i know this is where you can confess your deepest darkest tom tales but the didgeridoo one is fucking disgusting

yes but that’s what this tumblr is for … bless the wut tag and all it’s glory. keep it goin’ strong lovelies.


 maria1577 asked:
I'm new to tumbler and this blog. Do I post my confession here in the ask section?

welcome to ttt then! and yes, the askbox is when you can send your confessions! also check out the f.a.q. page, it might help if you have any more questions.

holla holla y’all

happy actual second birthday titillating tom tales!

uhhhhh so hey about that 2 year anniversary/birthday post and spam event … funny thing about all that … i was one day early …

i mean what can i say? i was just overly excited about tom hiddleston and this blog (an easy thing to happen lets be real here) and yeah. i realised i got the dates mixed up because i created this blog the day after tom’s birthday. i had then (2012) just recently heard about this new british actor and didn’t think he had much of a following. heh. well after seeing post after post about him all over my dash for his birthday i decided to make a confession blog about him and the rest is smutty history.

so yeah. lets just forget this little mishap happened and we’ll continue on tomorrow like everything’s simpatico.


party it up y’all!

thank you for all the fun times! along with an all-day-long confession spam, we’ll also be posting some golden oldie confessions from the archive! stay tuned and stay fabulous!

 Anonymous asked:
I know you lovely admins are busy with the real world but is this page officially dead?

indeed it is not! sorry to our lovely followers, we’ve all just been exceedingly busy as of late. we’ll get back to our regular smut injection to your dash promptly.

 Anonymous asked:
Can ypu link all the chapters of faith multific? Thanks:)

All stories are tagged with their titles for easy finds! If you’re looking to read one from the beginning, add “/chrono” in the URL bar.