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♫ To His Coy Mistress
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I know this isn’t really a post and I’m sorry for that, but it came up on shuffle and I just danced around my dorm (horribly I might add) to it and it made me feel so much better. So if anybody needs a pick-me-up, here’s one on me lovelies!

Maybe some Tom just for shits and giggles:


Part 1, I guess? I’ll make more as y’all send requests!
(The M4R format the file type Apple uses for ringtones.)

TTT note: these are brilliant!

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Chris is gpoy right now. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

It’s all just so exciting! This blog is only 5 months old people!

Now can you just imagine Tom dancing down a street with this song playing? God I love it!

♫ Dracula
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Jesus both the Dracula clip and Hiddles Hand Porn? Be still my beating heart. Hush my distempered breath!

♫ Dracula
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100 new followers in two days

Like seriously:


So let’s all get back to what we do best:

But first - WE DANCE:

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Put in the headphones …

♫ Dracula
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♫ No You Girls
by: Franz Ferdinand played 100 times

Ok so the song I was listening to - well apparently it’s not MP3 so I can’t upload it … so here’s the song that was next on my playlist. It’s “No You Girls” by Franz Ferdinand.

Also, I feel in love with this one because of this swoon-worthy Doctor Who video. So if you’re a Whovian, or hell just a fan of David Tennant, here it is!