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Diving into the 50 Shades trilogy, I only had Tom in mind for the part of Christian Grey. I don’t think I would’ve given the books a chance if it wasn’t for the thought of him being mercurial and stalker-ish, with a riding crop in hand. However, I still couldn’t picture Anastasia Steel. Then I stumbled upon this photo of Emma Watson with Tom. It was an ‘Aha!’ moment for me. I definitely would not mind seeing the film rendition several times at the cinema, should these two be attached to the roles.

Redoing this one because I found a much better version of the photoshoot thanks to becausehiddles.

Hopefully this’ll make you feel better anon. It’s just difficult because of the contrasting black and white in the photos.

This picture was submitted along with the anon confession.

"Oh hey, ANOTHER reason to be jealous of EMMA WATSON"

Sorry it’s a bit hard to read, the picture was rather small. Though I feel like we can all have a moment of silent, seething jealousy for Emma Watson because of this.