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Okay sorry for clogging up y’alls dashes but this is important to me (Charlotte again)

Whilst going through the Richard Armitage tag for photos to use on new confessions I found out that there already is a confession blog for Richard Armitage called richardarmitageconfessions which can be found here. They have been there for quite awhile too (Sept. of 2011, older than TTT!). I don’t want to encroach on others’s area. I started TTT because I only found like one other Tom confession blog and it hadn’t been updated in forever so I felt like there was potential. 

This being said. It is with great sadness that I plan on shutting down AAA. I feel that it is unfair to be running it when there is clearly another blog that’s the same thing. It feels like a ripoff and that’s not fair to either party. I’m really sorry to be doing this but I feel like it’s the right thing to do. To anyone that follows AAA or has submitted a confession, I highly recommend you direct yourself to RAC. They’ve been doing a stand up job and I wish all the best for them!

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    sorry guys. i’ll be deleting AAA this coming sunday. i strongly recommend following RAC’s. they’re fantastic.
  2. sentientblueberry said: Their guidelines are pretty strict though, mostly PG-13 stuff. And honestly, there are other Tom confession blogs, but yours is the most actively updated… There is room for more than one per actor. I hope you keep AAA up as an archive at least. -B
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  4. suddenwaves said: That’s pretty decent of you, Charlotte. Well done. xoxo
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