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Hullo everyone!

This is Charlotte. I’m the creator of TTT. For a good number of months now I’ve given the reigns off to my lovely co-runners and they’ve been doing a fab job! I also run a bunch of other blogs but I’ve been really awful with updating them and whatnot.

So here’s my plea (plea? maybe like request? but with like a little bit of “hey man sorry for being a lazy butt for so long. can you do me a solid though?”) I’m going back into keeping up with my other confession blogs and I’d really like your support. I know I’m shit at updating but follower enthusiasm goes for miles. I really miss it and would love to continue these confession blogs for everybody’s pleasure. So please please please go and support my other confession blogs! Follow them, already a follower? Submit some confessions! Share the blog with your friends/followers! “Like” and “reblog” to your heart’s content! As always; please and thank you!

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