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We haven’t gotten nonny hate in awhile so bravo for that. But seriously I do agree that I hope he never sees this blog. Frankly I hope Tom never sees tumblr in general, like most celebs, there are things on this site not meant for their eyes. 

Honestly what was the purpose of your message? Do you feel better? Like “Hell yeah I toats put them in their place with my unoriginal and ill-written message! That’ll teach ‘em!” *sigh* I’ll never understand you people. We here at TTT quite enjoy this blog and even poke fun at the odder confessions via the “wut” tag. Please stop sending these messages and reevaluate yourself if this is how you spend your time on tumblr.

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  3. lunar-fairy said: I will have to admit, some of these confessions are kinda creepy, but I think this blog is awesome no matter what. :) you still have my full support
  4. ladytron2000 said: amen sister! & by amen, i mean fuck off anon!!
  5. redskye572 said: Tom knows about tumblr, has known since summer 2011 and has seen it.
  6. midgardian-hero said: My troll senses are tingling.
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