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This blog was created to vent all your dirty, your adorable, and your completely crazy confessions starring the one and only:
Mr. Tom Hiddleston

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 Anonymous asked:
Are you going to post more soon? I get so disappointed when I check every night and there's nothing new. :(

And also

Are you not taking confessions anymore? I haven’t seen any posted for a while, and I sent in one a while ago I think…

We are going to post soon, we ARE taking confessions, we are NOT on hiatus. It’s just a very busy time for everyone with all the stuff in their real lives outside of Tumblr. And also I, personally, have begun so give myself a muscle/nerve overuse/strain injury in my elbow from being at the computer so much so I was taking a break. Fret not! We are working to get confessions made and posted and we do apologize. 


 Anonymous asked:
Just wondering, what program do you use to make the confessions?

i (charlotte) use photoshop cs6 personally. though all you need is a program with arial black font and stroke weight.

I (Heather) Also use Photoshop CS6. One CAN use Paintshop Pro by Corel, but it can be a bit trickier to get the stroke weight on properly.

 Anonymous asked:
The gif on the fart joke confession was Michael Fassbender, right? I'm certain it isn't tom.

It is indeed Michael Fassbender. The GIF just seemed appropriate as a reaction to the confession.