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Mr. Tom Hiddleston

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Sadly, Grooveshark doesn’t have the song. But you ccan find it on YouTube HERE.

(Sorry about the watermark. This was the best picture I could find of them together)

 Anonymous asked:
i know this is where you can confess your deepest darkest tom tales but the didgeridoo one is fucking disgusting

yes but that’s what this tumblr is for … bless the wut tag and all it’s glory. keep it goin’ strong lovelies.


aj-watson replied to your post: “Do you remember the didgeridoo?”:
I’ve been seeing a lot of duplicate posts lately…. And I KNOW I’ve seen this one before.

The didgeridoo is an old post and Tumblr has been having some kind of technical issues. We’ll keep an eye out for duplicates though. Thanks for letting us know.